Alexandra Barsley Wins Bucks County Trial

Alexandra Barsley has won a trial in which her client admitted to negligence, but denied causing serious injury to the Plaintiffs.

Both Plaintiffs, a mother and daughter, claimed serious injuries including cognitive impairments, concussions, and spinal injuries stemming from the rear-end motor vehicle accident.

Each Plaintiff underwent physical therapy treatment and a neurological consultation. The Plaintiffs alleged significant disruption in their daily lives as a result of the accident. Plaintiffs claimed difficulty with household chores and maintenance, and each reported that they could no longer engage in hobbies such as hiking and gardening.

In defense of the case, Alexandra highlighted the actions of the Plaintiffs that contradicted their alleged injuries. She argued to the jury that neither Plaintiff began physical therapy treatments for over one month after the accident, despite claims of significant pain. She noted that the Plaintiffs did not undergo any active treatment for their allegedly severe cognitive complaints, including claims of ongoing memory loss. Alexandra highlighted to the jury that neither Plaintiff underwent any invasive treatment for the accident. While both Plaintiffs claimed to have substantial ongoing pain, neither Plaintiff had sought additional medical treatment for the accident in four years.

Despite stipulating to negligence, the twelve-member jury panel deliberated for only one hour before determining that the Plaintiffs did not suffer a serious injury, or serious impairment of a body function, as a result of the accident. The Honorable Robert J. Mellon presided over the trial.