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Ian Kingsley Obtains Summary Judgment in Steel Mill Claim

Plaintiff, a 71-year old steelworker in a Philadelphia County asbestos claim, testified he worked in the Sintering Plant at Bethlehem Steel where he was exposed to asbestos from frequent use of industrial brakes on overhead cranes.  Former testimony from a co-worker who testified in a prior Northampton County case identified Mr. Kingsley’s client as a […]

Jason Rubin Obtains Nonsuit in Favor of Automotive Retailer in Philadelphia Benzene Claim on the 7th Day of Trial

Jason Rubin successfully defended an automotive retailer in a Philadelphia benzene trial. The plaintiffs, a husband with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and his wife, alleged that exposure to benzene had caused his cancer and resulting damages including extensive medical expenses and disability. Plaintiffs alleged that exposure to GMR’s client’s brake and carburetor cleaners caused plaintiff’s disease. Plaintiffs […]

Jason Rubin Wins Asbestos Colon Cancer Wrongful Death Trial in Philadelphia

Jason Rubin, assisted by Ian Kingsley prevailed in a claim alleging that plaintiff’s husband’s colon cancer death was due to exposure to asbestos released from our client’s product. Plaintiff was a widow in her early sixties who lost her husband at age fifty-nine (59) due to colon cancer. The plaintiff was married to her husband […]

Philadelphia Court Grants Forklift Manufacturer’s Motion for Summary Judgment

GMR’s asbestos team was successful in obtaining summary judgment for a forklift manufacturer in a wrongful death claim filed in Philadelphia County. Plaintiff’s Estate alleged that his lung cancer was caused by asbestos exposures sustained at Owens-Corning Fiberglas where plaintiff-decedent worked as a forklift operator from 1965 to 1979. In opposition to the motion for […]

Summary Judgment Granted for Asbestos Defendant

Ian Kingsley argued in favor of summary judgment for his client in a hearing before Judge Colville in Allegheny County. Plaintiff alleged that his colon cancer was caused by his exposure to asbestos-containing electrical equipment manufactured by the defendant. Plaintiff presented testimony from several witnesses to establish that defendant’s electrical equipment was in the same […]