Claire Neiger Obtains Defense Verdict for Hospital in Two Week Assault Trial

Claire Neiger obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a defendant hospital after a two week Philadelphia trial before Judge Quinones Alejandro. Plaintiff, an EMT for an independent ambulance company, alleged he was severely injured, both physically and emotionally, after being brutally assaulted by a psychiatric patient in the defendant hospital’s care. Plaintiff presented 5 different experts to testify regarding his fractured right wrist, knee surgery, neck injury, psychiatric treatment for PTSD, and total vocational disability. Prior to trial, Plaintiff demanded $4.2 million dollars and a Court of Common Pleas’ Settlement Master evaluated the matter’s verdict potential in the “low 7 figures”. The hospital asserted a defense based on the Mental Health Procedures Act and comparative negligence. Plaintiff argued that the Mental Health Procedures Act did not apply because the Hospital failed to warn Plaintiff that the psychiatric patient had physically fought with hospital staff just hours before and had eight prior admissions to Defendant Hospital for violent behavior. Plaintiff did not appeal the defense verdict.