Despite Plaintiff’s Team of Experts, Eamon Merrigan Scores Victory

Although Plaintiff retained, and presented the testimony of a liability expert, two medical experts, and an economic expert, Eamon Merrigan obtained a Defense verdict in favor of his client. Plaintiff argued that Mr. Merrigan’s client parked his limousine in a funeral home parking lot in a way that created a tripping hazard by exposing only a small portion of the concrete wheel stop. The Plaintiff further argued that the Defendant, the funeral director for Plaintiff’s daughter’s funeral, then negligently directed Plaintiff over the dangerous condition he had allegedly created causing her to fall and sustain tears in both her knee and shoulder for which she could not undergo surgery because of her age and poor health. Plaintiff further asserted a past and future wage loss claim totaling approximately $225,000.00.

Over the course of a five day trial, Mr. Merrigan cross-examined eight witnesses presented by the Plaintiff, then briefly presented his own client’s testimony before resting. Despite the lengthy case in chief presented by the Plaintiff, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Mr. Merrigan’s client in less than an hour, finding that the Plaintiff had failed to prove there was negligence.