Eamon Merrigan Continues Streak with Third Consecutive Jury Trial Defense Verdict

For the third time in just 22 days, a jury has returned a verdict in favor of a defendant represented by Eamon Merrigan. Most recently, Mr. Merrigan successfully defended an apartment complex being sued by a visitor who claimed to have fallen as a result of stepping on a soft, uneven, lumpy area of dirt covered by a mat just outside the door or her sister’s apartment. In addition to pointing out numerous inconsistencies in Plaintiff’s prior statements and testimony, Mr. Merrigan also called the plaintiff’s sister and brother-in-law, both former tenants of his client’s apartment building, to the stand. They each testified that they were very familiar with the area where Plaintiff claimed to have fallen, and that it was comprised of hard, level dirt covered by a mat. Plaintiff’s brother-in-law further testified that he witnessed the plaintiff simply stumble and fall in a grassy area 10 to 15 feet away from where Plaintiff alleged she fell. Ultimately, after just 45 minutes of deliberation, the jury concluded that the plaintiff failed to prove negligence on the part of Mr. Merrigan’s client. Prior to trial, the plaintiff demanded $175,000 including, but not limited to, approximately $30,000 in recoverable economic damages.