GMR Featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Cool Offices Series


Local litigation firm Goldberg Miller & Rubin had been in its current building for 16 years when they opted to make a style change amid growth and some management turnover.

Now the business that began on just half a floor has now expended to two floors and includes five big conferences rooms, a coffee lounge, multiple kitchens, and enough space for the staff to do yoga together after workdays.

“The biggest thing that we decided to do is that on our 15th floor we have a big Coffee Lounge…with a big screen TV and couches and a dining room table. That’s where everybody goes to eat lunch during the day and we have happy hours in there on Friday afternoons after work and we have sports events going… And we have to do continuing education, so we have all of our CLEs in there. So that’s what we’ve tried to do to make it more appealing to the millennials,” said CEO Lori C. Miller.