GMR Partner Notches 7 Defense Jury Trial Verdicts in Less than Three Months

GMR Partner Jeffrey Tenthoff won his seventh trial in a row, this time in a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania pedestrian and motor vehicle collision. It was a rainy day in April when Plaintiff claimed Jeff’s client’s car struck her and knocked her to the ground, causing her to hit her head and suffer a concussion, post-concussive syndrome including memory loss, vertigo, and cognitive impairment, soft-tissue injuries, bruises to all parts of her body, and a laceration on her ankle that eventually needed emergent wound care due to complications from her diabetes.  Plaintiff was taken from the scene via EMS to the emergency room, where they documented a laceration to the back of her head from the fall and diagnosed a closed head injury with loss of consciousness.  Thereafter, she treated with a chiropractor for two months and a neurologist, who referred her for concussion therapy, which she had performed at Ivy Rehab for two months.  The Plaintiff put on evidence of future medical expenses of roughly $31,000. 

The matter was defended on liability, as Jeff conceded the factual cause of an injury.  Despite Plaintiff being a pedestrian in the crosswalk with the right of way, and despite two witnesses testifying that the defendant said that she did not see Plaintiff, after 4 hours of deliberation, they found Jeff’s client not negligent and returned a defense verdict.