GMR Wins Favorable Verdict for Homeowners in New Jersey Intentional Tort Jury Trial

GMR Senior Counsel Cory Bonk obtained a favorable jury verdict after a three-day trial in New Jersey. The plaintiff sued Bonk’s clients for multiple intentional torts, including malicious prosecution, false light/invasion of privacy, and emotional distress stemming from a dispute between neighbors. The plaintiff also sought punitive damages. Bonk successfully obtained summary judgment dismissals of the false light and emotional distress claims but proceeded to trial on the malicious prosecution claim.

Prior to trial, the plaintiff’s demand was more than $150,000. The jury returned a verdict for only $8,000, which essentially amounted to the plaintiff’s claimed out-of-pocket expenses and was significantly lower than the pre-trial settlement offer. Plaintiff then insisted on proceeding to the punitive damage aspect of the trial, and the Middlesex County jury unanimously agreed to a “no cause” in favor of the defense.