GMR Wins Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Dog Bite Case

GMR Partner Eamon Merrigan and Associate Jessica Keller were successful on summary judgment in a claim where Plaintiff alleged Defendant-Landlord was liable for actions of the tenants’ allegedly vicious dog.

In the Bucks County, Pennsylvania action, Plaintiff alleged to have been attacked by a dog owned by tenants of a property owned by the GMR-represented Defendant.  Plaintiff alleged that the dog was dangerous and vicious, and Defendant-Landlord knew of the dog’s propensity and should be liable for the injuries caused by the attack. 

Eamon Merrigan and Jessica Keller filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that several years of discovery have not revealed any evidence that the dog was dangerous or vicious, let alone that the Defendant-Landlord knew of any such propensities. Ultimately, the Court agreed with Eamon and Jessica and dismissed the Plaintiff’s claims against the Defendant-Landlord.