Jeff Tenthoff Wins on Both Liability and Causation

A 23 year old female full-tort Plaintiff claimed to have been a passenger in a vehicle driven by Co-Defendant when it made a left turn at an intersection and was struck by Mr. Tenthoff’s client. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff underwent chiropractic treatment for approximately nine months accruing outstanding medical bills of over $15,000. Plaintiff further alleged continued back and neck pain, as well as numerous limitations. Initially, Mr. Tenthoff was able to have all evidence and recovery of Plaintiff’s outstanding medical bills precluded after successfully arguing his Motion in Limine on the basis that the bills were paid or payable by Co-Defendant’s PIP benefits. Mr. Tenthoff then established that Plaintiff’s vehicle had made an illegal left turn in front of his client’s vehicle, thereby obtaining a defense verdict as to liability for his client. Although Co-Defendant was found to have been negligent, Mr. Tenthoff’s cross- examination of Plaintiff and closing emphasized the lack of any diagnostic studies or pain medication prescribed in relation to Plaintiff’s alleged injuries. Ultimately, the jury did not believe that Plaintiff was injured and awarded her no damages.