Jeffrey Tenthoff Wins Motor Vehicle Accident Summary Judgment Motion in Bergen County, NJ

Jeffrey Tenthoff won a Summary Judgment Motion in Bergen County, NJ, involving a disputed intersectional motor vehicle accident dismissing all claims against his client.  Plaintiff, a front-seat passenger in client Defendant’s vehicle, alleged serious and permanent injuries after the car she was in was struck by Co-Defendant’s vehicle when the Co-Defendant driver disregarded a stop sign or pulled from it while unsafe do so.  Upon the completion of discovery, Jeff moved for Summary Judgment arguing that because Co-Defendant had the duty to yield the right of way and the point of impact was to the rear quarter panel of Jeff’s client’s vehicle, no reasonable minds could differ that Co-Defendant’s negligence was the sole cause of the accident.  Co-Defendant, who reported to the responding police officer that a truck stopped in the lane next to his prevented him from seeing Jeff’s client, failed to offer any evidence to suggest that Jeff’s client acted negligently.  Plaintiff, who did not see the other vehicle before impact, likewise could not point to any evidence to suggest that Jeff’s client’s actions contributed to the accident.  The Court agreed and granted Jeff’s Motion for Summary Judgment, dismissing all claims and crossclaims against Jeff’s client.