Joe Petka Wins Femur Fracture Case

Joe Petka obtained a defense verdict on liability in a Philadelphia jury trial involving an intersectional collision. The plaintiff, who was a 33-year-old motorcyclist, was represented by a team of three attorneys during course of jury selection and the trial.

The defendant, who was operating a sedan, was attempting a left hand turn, when he struck the plaintiff motorcyclist, who was going straight. The plaintiff testified that he had a solid green light at the time of the collision, and thus the right of way. In contrast, the defendant testified to having green turn arrow at the time of the collision.

As a result of the accident the plaintiff sustained a fracture of the left femoral shaft and neck, and he was never able to return to work. He also required the use of a cane since the accident.

Mr. Petka argued that his client’s version of liability was more credible then the plaintiff’s version because it contained much more detail. Additionally, the defendant had been traveling the same route to work for over 28 years. Mr. Petka also impeached the plaintiff’s credibility with regard to false statements he made in his deposition.

A jury of 12 men and woman deliberated over the course of two days before finding that the defendant was not negligent.