Joe Petka Wins Slip and Fall Case for Hospital

Joe Petka obtained another defense verdict for a local hospital. This Philadelphia Major Jury action, tried before Judge Massiah-Jackson, arose out of a slip and fall where Plaintiff, who is a 65-year-old female, claim she was walking through defendant hospital’s hallway when she slipped and fell on clear liquid.

The plaintiff was removed from the scene via wheelchair and was diagnosed with lumbar disc bulging, sprain and strains, and post-traumatic aggravation of degenerative joint disease in her right knee. She received seven months of therapy and alleged continued pain up at the time of trial. She presented $18,000 in outstanding medical bills.

Mr. Petka argued that the hospital was not negligent because it did not have notice of the liquid in question. After three days of trial, Mr. Petka convinced a jury of twelve to return a defense verdict in favor of the hospital.