Lori Miller Obtains a Defense Verdict for Philadelphia Hospital in Snow and Ice Case

Lori Miller obtained a defense verdict in a Philadelphia jury trial before Judge Eugene Maier.  Plaintiff alleged that she was walking through the parking lot of the defendant/hospital when she slipped and fell on an accumulation of snow and ice that had been allowed to remain for an unreasonable period of time.  As a result of the fall, plaintiff sustained a torn meniscus of the left knee, a lumbar strain and lumbar radiculopathy for which she missed two months of work and alleged ongoing physical limitations which prohibited her from resuming her prior recreational and social activities.  The hospital witnesses testified that the hospital snow crew had been called into work in the middle of the night and were in the process of clearing snow from the hospital property when the plaintiff fell at 7:30 am.  The defense also presented evidence that the plaintiff had injured her neck and back in three prior accidents and her limitations and ongoing pain were unrelated to the fall at the hospital.  The jury returned a defense verdict within 15 minutes of deliberation.