Lori Miller Successfully Defends Philadelphia Hospital

A 12-member jury confronted gruesome photographs of a 77-year-old man’s fractured arm and fractured knee throughout an emotional trial in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in which the plaintiff sought more than $250,000 for injuries sustained in a trip and fall accident inside a local hospital. Yet Lori Miller obtained a defense verdict after she movingly illustrated how the evidence suggested that the plaintiff tripped on his own through no fault of the hospital or its employees. The plaintiff alleged that a hospital employee knocked him over with a door while he was walking in an outpatient waiting room causing him to fall over and fracture his arm and knee. Plaintiff required surgery and the implantation of a metal rod and screws to repair his arm injury. The plaintiff was also able to present more than $28,000 in medical expenses. Despite the severity of plaintiff’s injuries, the jury found that the hospital was not negligent.