Matthew Moroney Wins Back-to-Back Philadelphia County Trials in August

Matthew Moroney won two more jury trials in August.  Both were car accident cases tried in Philadelphia County and in both cases, the defense stipulated to negligence in causing the accident.  In both cases, however, Mr. Moroney successfully convinced the juries that none of the plaintiffs (in one case there were two plaintiffs) sustained an injury caused by the accident.

In one case, plaintiff’s counsel called expert radiologist, Michael Brooks, M.D., who testified that the plaintiff sustained a herniation caused by the accident.  Although the defense did not present a rebuttal expert, Mr. Moroney was able to discredit Dr. Brooks’ opinion by pointing out the plaintiff’s prior accident and inconsistencies in the treatment records, along with the plaintiff’s inconsistent complaints following the accident.

In the other trial, the plaintiff claimed a serious ankle injury, which was supported by positive MRI findings.  In spite of this, the jury awarded no damages after cross-examination revealed inconsistencies relating to prior accidents and how she learned of her treatment provider.  The plaintiff claimed a friend referred her to the doctor, but records indicate she was actually sent there by her attorney.