Senior Counsel

Ann Henriksen, Esq.

p. 215.649.7145  |  f. 929.214.4181

Bar Admissions

New York
United States District Court for the Southern District of New York


C.U.N.Y. Queens College, B.A.
Western New England University School of Law, J.D.


Ann Marie Henriksen is a senior counsel at Goldberg, Miller & Rubin’s New York Office.  Her practice focuses on insurance coverage matters, along with no-fault litigation and arbitration matters.  For the past six years, Ann has worked diligently in the field of insurance defense. In this effort, she has conducted numerous examinations under oath of claimants and providers and has defended insurance carriers in civil trials in Queens, Brooklyn, Richmond, Bronx, and New York counties.  Ann has also successfully defended bodily injury claims at trial.

Before joining Goldberg, Miller & Rubin, Ann worked as in-house Staff Counsel for one of the largest insurers in the nation. 

Ann and her husband live in Milford, Pennsylvania with their Bernese Mountain Dogs. When she is not practicing, Ann and her husband enjoy traveling and cooking.

Representative Matters

GMR Wins New York UM Hearing on Serious Injury Threshold, Despite Significant Treatment and Injections

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GMR Vacates No-Fault Arbitration Award in New York

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Please join us in congratulating Ann Henriksen and Brandon Cohen on their recent promotions within the firm.

Congratulations to Ann Henriksen on her promotion to GMR Senior Counsel.
Congratulations to Brandon Cohen on his promotion to GMR Senior Associate.

GMR proudly promotes these exceptional attorneys, known for their professional excellence, diligence, teamwork, and legal acumen.

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Today, on International Women's Day, GMR proudly recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in the legal profession. We honor the resilience, intellect, and dedication that our female colleagues bring to the legal field every day.

While we celebrate the progress made, we acknowledge that there's still work to be done. GMR remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, thrives and succeeds.

Happy International Women's Day to all the phenomenal women in law and beyond! The Future is Female


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Goldberg, Miller & Rubin proudly celebrates the women attorneys, paralegals, and staff members at the firm.

Recognizing and promoting diversity in the legal profession is crucial for creating an inclusive and dynamic environment. Empowering women in the legal field not only fosters a more balanced workplace but also brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the forefront.

The Women’s Initiative at GMR was founded to foster the careers of the women attorneys in the firm and to provide support throughout the various stages of their professional lives. GMR has historically strived to maintain a working environment that recruits and promotes women which is exemplified in the overwhelming presence of women in the firm.

It's important to continue supporting initiatives that encourage the professional development and advancement of women in law. The future is female.


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Goldberg Miller & Rubin Announces 2024 Promotions

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International Women’s Day 2024

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Women’s History Month 2024

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