Senior Counsel

Lindsay Padover, Esq.

p. 332.233.9910  |  f. 929.214.4181

Bar Admissions

New York


Tulane University, B.A.
New York Law School, J.D.


Lindsay Padover is a Senior Counsel in Goldberg, Miller & Rubin’s New York City office. Her practice focuses on insurance coverage matters, including first-party coverage, claim investigation, and No-Fault litigation, emphasizing litigating declaratory actions.

Before joining GMR, Lindsay was a Senior Counsel at a litigation firm where she focused her practice on litigating declaratory actions on behalf of insurance carriers. Before that, Lindsay was a Partner at a mid-sized litigation firm in Manhattan, where she gained extensive experience representing insurance carriers in all aspects of No-Fault litigation. Lindsay has successfully litigated cases in the Civil, Supreme, and Appellate Courts of New York City, handling cases from responsive pleadings through trial. She has conducted numerous examinations under oath of insureds regarding policy procurement misrepresentations, analyzing fraudulent claims and investigating exaggerated medical treatment, providing detailed legal analysis and coverage opinions to clients.

Lindsay began her career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. During her years as a prosecutor, Lindsay indicted over one hundred cases in the grand jury based on charges of attempted murder, assault, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, bribery, firearms possession, driving while intoxicated, as well as narcotics sale and possession. Lindsay also prosecuted felony jury trials as lead prosecutor and second chair.

Lindsay was admitted to practice in the State of New York in 2009. While in law school, Lindsay served as an Executive Editor of the Moot Court Association and received a multitude of awards and recognitions for her skills in written and oral advocacy.

When she is not practicing, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her husband, her two young daughters, and her dog, Teddy.

Representative Matters

GMR Wins Dismissal of Provider Claim on Appeal in New York

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Today, on International Women's Day, GMR proudly recognizes and celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in the legal profession. We honor the resilience, intellect, and dedication that our female colleagues bring to the legal field every day.

While we celebrate the progress made, we acknowledge that there's still work to be done. GMR remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, thrives and succeeds.

Happy International Women's Day to all the phenomenal women in law and beyond! The Future is Female


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Goldberg, Miller & Rubin proudly celebrates the women attorneys, paralegals, and staff members at the firm.

Recognizing and promoting diversity in the legal profession is crucial for creating an inclusive and dynamic environment. Empowering women in the legal field not only fosters a more balanced workplace but also brings diverse perspectives and experiences to the forefront.

The Women’s Initiative at GMR was founded to foster the careers of the women attorneys in the firm and to provide support throughout the various stages of their professional lives. GMR has historically strived to maintain a working environment that recruits and promotes women which is exemplified in the overwhelming presence of women in the firm.

It's important to continue supporting initiatives that encourage the professional development and advancement of women in law. The future is female.


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International Women’s Day 2024

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Women’s History Month 2024

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