Robert Stein Prevailed on Motion for Summary Judgment in New Jersey’s Union County

Robert Stein prevailed on a motion for summary judgment, dismissing his client with prejudice in a Union County auto negligence action. The action stemmed from a February 2018 motor vehicle accident where Plaintiff was allegedly injured as a backseat passenger of a rideshare vehicle. Plaintiff filed a civil action against the driver of the rideshare vehicle and Mr. Stein’s client, who was operating her personal vehicle, asserting that both parties were negligent in the operation of their respective motor vehicles.

This matter involved a two-vehicle accident and an open intersection dispute where both defendants alleged they possessed the right of way. Rob secured the testimony of an independent witness who observed the accident and corroborated his client’s version of the events. Judge Ciarrocca granted the pending motion for summary judgment, dismissing all claims against Rob’s client with prejudice as it was clear that there was no negligence on behalf of his client.