Women’s History Month – Kaitlyn Barlow

Kaitlyn Barlow, goes by Katie, is an associate at GMR. She joined the firm as a law clerk and works on one of the firms more complex teams. Katie has a vibrant personality and is always making others laugh with her hilarious jokes. Here is more about Katie’s story:

“I am a first-generation student, so I attribute much of my success to the hard work and sacrifice of my parents and family. Ever since I was in kindergarten, I’ve wanted to be an attorney. When I was growing up my mom worked as a legal assistant at a variety of law firms. We were always fortunate that on days my mom could not find childcare her employers would let me come to work with her. I can remember being mesmerized by the suit wearing, fast-talking attorneys as they buzzed around the office. I would often page through the rule books and reporters stacked on the shelves around the office, absorbing as much as my little brain could handle. Before I knew it, I was using and reading those books (okay, the digital versions) in my law school classes.

I graduated from law school this past year with my parents, friends and family cheering me on from the crowd. Other than the day I found out I passed the bar exam, my law school graduation is my proudest moment in life. I not only felt pride for my own accomplishments but for the many generations of my family that never had the opportunities that I did.

As I just begin my legal career at GMR my advice for other women starting their careers is to seek out mentors and never be afraid to ask for help. I have been incredibly fortunate in my short career to have amazing mentors and specifically women mentors who have gone above and beyond to create opportunities for me. This continues to be true at GMR where there is no shortage of amazing women attorneys and support staff who are generous with their time and knowledge. I look forward to growing in my role and hopefully serving as a mentor for other woman in the field one day.”

One quote Katie uses to guide her life and work is “don’t sweat the small stuff.”