Women’s History Month – Lori Miller

Lori Miller is GMR’s first female CEO. She has built a distinguished reputation in the legal community and continues to be a strong leader within the firm. Lori has mentored and trained countless employees at GMR, which has left a lasting impression on many. Here is more about Lori’s story:

“My career began at GMR 33 years ago at a time when we were using typewriters and whiteout instead of computers. I originally wanted to be a divorce and family lawyer so I could help women through the toughest times of their lives. I never thought I would be a litigator. The thought of public speaking terrified me, but the competitiveness of winning reminded me of my days as a collegiate athlete. Connecting with people from all backgrounds has always been my main interest. 

When I started, the firm was almost all men with the exception of Claire Neiger and me. Because of that, I gravitated towards Claire and I learned how to litigate and strategize from working with her. We continue to work together after all of these years.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with great people however, I couldn’t have survived all these years without my loyal assistant and sidekick Susan Fante. She has been the glue that has held my practice together. I could not imagine coming to work without Susan. 

I have become a strong proponent of women continuing to stay in the workforce, so they have their own identity and have decision making power in their lives and relationships. This important ideal is what drove me to create the Women’s Initiative Group at GMR. It is my pride and joy and is a direct representation of my professional career.

My advice to other women looking to get into the legal field: Work hard and always be the most prepared person in the room. Be passionate in your representation and figure out how to connect with your audience.”