Jillian Vukson Obtains Philadelphia Jury Defense Verdict on Causation in Rear-End Collision

Jillian proved to a jury that a plaintiff was not injured in a rear-end motor vehicle accident in which negligence was stipulated.  In the case, the plaintiff contended that as a result of the defendant rear-ending his vehicle while at a stop for a red light, he sustained serious and permanent injuries including injuries to his neck and back with nerve damage in both his upper and lower extremities.  Plaintiff, who presented over $18,000 in medical bills at trial, claimed to have permanent and ongoing injuries on a constant daily basis.  Further, he claimed to have difficulty with household chores and cleaning and that he could no longer go fishing or work out at the gym since the accident.  More importantly, he claimed he had difficulty with his primary job as a driver following the accident because he could not sit for long periods and he ultimately quit a secondary job as a delivery driver due to his inability to carry packages.  The plaintiff’s expert found that the 20-year-old plaintiff’s injuries were permanent and that he would require ongoing treatment, including repeat diagnostic testing, injections and evaluation by a neurosurgeon in the future.

In defense of the case, Jillian was able to show inconsistencies in plaintiff’s medical records and questioned the overall veracity of the plaintiff’s claims.  Without the use of an expert, she argued to the jury that plaintiff’s course of treatment was at the complete direction of his attorney and was identical to treatment he had received for a prior accident.  She further argued that despite plaintiff’s expert’s claims of permanency and need for future treatment including injections, plaintiff did not undergo any treatment in the two years since the accident other than chiropractic care.  At the close of trial, the Philadelphia County jury of eight found that plaintiff was not hurt in the accident and found in favor of Jillian’s client.