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GMR Wins Jury Trial for Local Pennsylvania Hospital

GMR Senior Associate, Jessica Smeriglio, was victorious for a local Hospital sued for negligence in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania jury trial. Plaintiff was leaving the hospital when she took a shortcut across the grass lawn. As she walked in the grass, her foot slipped into a hole, and she fell. Plaintiff argued that the hospital personnel […]

GMR Wins Pennsylvania Full-Tort Trial

GMR Senior Associate Tom Giardina won a Philadelphia County jury trial in which Plaintiff sued, alleging ongoing injuries related to a rear-end collision.  Plaintiff alleged sustaining disc herniations and a left shoulder injury that resulted in physical therapy and injection treatment.  Tom argued that the objective testing only showed degenerative conditions unrelated to the accident […]

GMR Wins New York Sidewalk Defect Trial

GMR Partner Warren Holland won a trial in Queens, New York, where Plaintiff claimed that she tripped and fell on a sidewalk defect on the defendant’s property.  She allegedly tore a ligament in her right ankle, which required surgical repair.  After the surgery, Plaintiff allegedly developed RSD and continues to have significant limitations in her […]

GMR Wins Summary Judgment in Pennsylvania Dog Bite Case

GMR Partner Eamon Merrigan and Associate Jessica Keller were successful on summary judgment in a claim where Plaintiff alleged Defendant-Landlord was liable for actions of the tenants’ allegedly vicious dog. In the Bucks County, Pennsylvania action, Plaintiff alleged to have been attacked by a dog owned by tenants of a property owned by the GMR-represented […]

GMR Wins Essex County, New Jersey Summary Judgment on UIM Claim

GMR Senior Counsel, Keith Bursack, won summary judgment in Essex County, New Jersey.  He defended State Farm in a coverage action.  Plaintiff was driving his daughter’s vehicle and was involved in an accident where he passed away.  His wife sought UIM benefits from his daughter’s State Farm policy even though his daughter’s car was housed […]

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