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GMR Wins Again at Trial in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

GMR Senior Associate Tom Giardina won a Philadelphia County jury trial in which Plaintiff sued, alleging ongoing injuries related to a T-bone collision.  Plaintiff, who was only 25 years old at the time of the accident, alleged sustaining lower back disc herniations with radiculopathy per medical testing.  The defense argued that the objective testing only […]

GMR Wins Schenectady, New York Crumbling Curb Jury Trial

GMR Partner Warren Holland won a jury trial where Plaintiff alleged he tripped and fell on a crumbling curb on Defendant’s property in the early morning of September 6, 2015.  He sustained a broken leg which required two surgeries to correct and allegedly led to permanent neurological damage.   At trial, Plaintiff testified he was […]

GMR Wins Pennsylvania Traumatic Brain Injury Jury Trial

GMR Partner Eamon Merrigan achieved a defense verdict in a motor vehicle accident case in which the Defendant did not dispute his negligence. He tried the case before Judge Todd Eisenberg in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. The Plaintiff had sustained a serious concussion just a few months before the car accident.  She […]

GMR Partner Wins Hometown Trial in Pennsylvania

GMR Partner Joe Petka was back in his hometown of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where he won a jury trial involving knee surgery. Mr. Petka defended a motorist who was sued after he rear-ended the plaintiff. The plaintiff testified that he banged his knee on the dashboard in the collision and had immediate right knee pain. […]

GMR Wins Cumberland County, New Jersey Summary Judgment

Attorneys Sean Dugan and Brandon Cohen successfully argued and won summary judgment for their client in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Sean and Brandon represented an owner/driver of a vehicle insured by one of the firm’s automobile insurance carriers. The Plaintiff was a passenger in the insured’s car and sought damages from the insured and another […]

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