Matthew Moroney Obtains Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Trial

Matthew Moroney obtained a defense verdict in a motor vehicle claim tried in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in front of Judge Eugene Maier.

The claim involved the defendant’s van striking the rear of plaintiff’s car in a parking lot off of Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia.  The day after the accident, the plaintiff presented to a chiropractor and treated for approximately four months.  The plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries, along with radiating symptoms down his extremities.  He underwent an MRI, which revealed herniations and an EMG test, which revealed radiculopathy.  The plaintiff also presented to an orthopedic specialist on a handful of visits. The plaintiff presented the expert testimony of Marissa Pancheri, D.C. at trial.

The defense argued that the plaintiff had no complaints at the accident scene, which only caused minor damage to the vehicles. The defense also argued that the plaintiff had a longstanding history of neck and back problems and that Dr. Pancheri’s diagnoses were primarily based on plaintiff’s complaints and that she failed to obtain any of his prior medical records.

After deliberating for two hours, the jury found that the plaintiff did not suffer any injuries caused by the accident and returned a verdict for the defendant.