Matthew Moroney Wins A Suffolk County Supreme Court Jury Trial

Matthew Moroney won a Suffolk County Supreme Court jury trial centering around a 2015 motor vehicle accident in which liability was still in dispute.  Plaintiff alleged injury to the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, left knee and right hand as a result of the accident and further alleged that she continued to be partially permanently disabled. 

At trial, Plaintiff testified that after properly yielding and subsequently entering a traffic circle, the Defendant, who was traveling in the left lane of the traffic circle made contact with her vehicle on the driver’s side.  However, during cross examination, Plaintiff’s failed recollection of where the impact points were on her vehicle, even after being shown photographs that were in evidence, greatly diminished her credibility.  The Defendant took the stand and testified that he remained in his lane of traffic the entire time he was travelling in the traffic circle, and was struck by Plaintiff’s vehicle. 

As this was a bifurcated trial, before even getting to the damages portion of the matter, the jury, after approximately 20 minutes of deliberation regarding liability, rendered a defense verdict; the jury did not find Plaintiff as credible and accepted the Defendant’s account of the accident.