Queens County, New York Case Dismissed in Damages Trial Without Calling a Single Defense Witness

After a motor vehicle accident with our client, plaintiff underwent four (4) months of treatment to her neck, lower back and right knee at thirteen (13) different facilities. After the treatment was unsuccessful, Plaintiff underwent a right knee arthroscopic procedure which still did not resolve her disability. As a result of the permanent disability, Plaintiff testified she could no longer dance, run, exercise, or perform basic household chores.

During trial, Dana Koos impeached Plaintiff with evidence that she had claimed the same injuries for prior and subsequent accidents, along with doctor’s reports that she had already been recommended for right knee surgery. During the cross-examination by Matthew Moroney, Plaintiff’s expert, the surgeon, admitted that the reports he submitted under the penalty of perjury for the case were generated by Plaintiff’s attorney, that he hadn’t read them before signing, and that they misrepresented he was aware of Plaintiff’s prior medical history of the same injuries.

In the middle of the trial, before the case was sent to the jury, the Court granted a directed verdict motion for Defendant.

On the first day of trial, Plaintiff’s attorney was demanding $150,000.