Despite Injury Leading to Amputation, GMR Achieves Defense Verdict in Pennsylvania Trial

At a Chester County, Pennsylvania, trial before 12 jurors and Judge Bret Binder, Plaintiff alleged that she fell down the interior stairs of her rented home, seriously fracturing her great toe.  Her surgeon attempted repair, but the toe was ultimately amputated. 

Plaintiff claimed that the handrail along the stairs was loose and disengaged from the wall causing her fall.  She further claimed that she first noticed that the handrail was loose almost immediately upon moving into the home and that she made repeated requests for its repair to the property management company. 

On behalf of the property management company, Eamon presented testimony from company employees and the company file on the home showing that Plaintiff never made such repair requests.  Eamon also argued that even if Plaintiff had made such requests, the property lease contained no language requiring such repairs.  Therefore, neither the property management company nor the landlords owed any duty to Plaintiff to repair the handrail.  The jury agreed and entered a verdict in favor of all Defendants.