GMR Wins Jury Trial for Local Pennsylvania Hospital

GMR Senior Associate, Jessica Smeriglio, was victorious for a local Hospital sued for negligence in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania jury trial. Plaintiff was leaving the hospital when she took a shortcut across the grass lawn. As she walked in the grass, her foot slipped into a hole, and she fell. Plaintiff argued that the hospital personnel did not inspect the lawn, and no gates or signage warned her not to walk on the grass. As a result of the fall, Plaintiff sustained an ankle fracture causing nerve root irritation as well as knee and back pain. She underwent injections and several months of physical therapy. As a result of her injuries, she claimed she gained 60 pounds and could no longer go on walks, cook or perform daily household chores.

Jessica argued there were sidewalks surrounding the lawn, but Plaintiff chose to take a shortcut on an unpaved surface.  She further argued that the hospital fulfilled its duty by providing a reasonable and safe means of travel, and they had a landscaping crew come through on a routine basis to maintain the grass.

The jury agreed with Jessica and found the hospital was not negligent.