Lori Miller Wins Delaware County Jury Trial for Local Hospital

Plaintiff, a 78 year old woman, was leaving the hospital when she tripped over a railroad tie that surrounded a landscaping bed. Plaintiff claimed that the walkway where the accident happened was defectively designed because it directed pedestrians to walk over the landscaping bed. Furthermore, the corner of the landscaping bed was hidden by a large cement trash container which limited the view of approaching pedestrians. Plaintiff was able to show that, soon after the fall, the hospital redesigned the walkway and moved the trash can. As far as injuries, Plaintiff fell face first onto the cement walkway and fractured her eye socket and cheek as well as a number of teeth. She also sustained injuries to her neck and back. Immediately after the fall, plaintiff was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to treat for her neck and back injuries. The Delaware County jury found that plaintiff was not paying attention to where she was walking and found in favor of the hospital.