Matthew Moroney Obtains Defense Verdict in Auto Trial

Matthew Moroney obtained a defense victory in a Philadelphia trial presided over by the Honorable Eugene Maier. The matter was appealed from an arbitration which resulted in a $7,500 award to one plaintiff and a $430 to another plaintiff.  The defendant turned onto Race Street from Delaware Avenue, which was a one-way street in the opposite direction.  Upon realizing his error, the defendant attempted to back out and an accident occurred as Ms. Dixon was traveling down Delaware Avenue.  After the accident, both plaintiffs went to their attorney who referred them to doctors. They were both diagnosed with numerous injuries allegedly caused by the accident.  The jury, however, did not find the plaintiffs’ testimony and/or the medical documentation supporting their claims to be credible. Both plaintiffs were involved in prior litigation involving the same personal injuries alleged in this case.  Although the jury found the defendant to be negligent, the jury did not find that either plaintiff suffered injuries which were factually caused by the accident and did not award any damages.