Warren Holland Wins Over Philadelphia Jury in Admitted Negligence Trial

Warren Holland obtained a defense verdict in Philadelphia County after convincing a jury that his client’s admitted negligence did not result in any harm to the plaintiff.  The case concerned alleged neck and back injuries stemming from a rear-end motor vehicle accident.  The plaintiff sought treatment at several different facilities and treated over the course of approximately eight months.  She was diagnosed with multiple cervical and lumbar disc protrusions which, according to her expert, were the direct result of the trauma she sustained in the accident.  Plaintiff’s expert testified that the Plaintiff’s injuries were serious in nature and would require treatment into the future.  Mr. Holland contested this assessment and called a single witness to testify that the disc protrusions in the Plaintiff’s cervical and lumbar spine pre-existed the accident.  Mr. Holland also produced evidence suggesting the plaintiff’s account of her alleged injuries and limitations was exaggerated.  After a short deliberation, the jury unanimously found in favor of Mr. Holland’s client.